MedZense LG20 / LG20-e Universal Optical Test Solution

MedZense LG20 / LG20-e Universal Optical Test Solution

Zign Medical developed the MedZense LG20 and LG20-e to allow hospitals to objectively and efficiently assess the light transmitting quality of light guide cables and endoscopes. It is the first universal solution supporting all major brands of light guide cables and a wide variety of rigid endoscopes. It is also the first solution which tests the cable quality across the visible light spectrum. Testing your light guide cables and endoscopes helps to prevent bad functioning tools being used during minimally invasive surgery.

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Product Details

Key Features:

  • All major types of fittings are supported
  • Test white light and across the full visible light spectrum
  • Test rigid endoscopes from 2,7 to 10 mm*
  • Easy to use ergonomics
  • Adjustable acceptance and rejection levels
  • Contoured profile to help with placement of awkwardly shaped instruments
  • Already established in many hospitals and sterile supply departments around the world

* With endoscope test probe PT10, included in LG20-e only


Compatible Fittings:

Light source connector:Instrument connector:
Storz NCSOlympus



Endoscope Test Probe PT10 (LG20-e Only)

With the probe (PT1O} connected to the main unit you can test the full light transmitting system, both cable and endoscope.