WI SCAN- Electronic Bowie & Dick Test

WI SCAN- Electronic Bowie & Dick Test

The Sterlab Research and Development team has patented a new air and NCG detection concept to analyse autoclave steam, which brings a never yet obtained reliability in Bowie & Dick tests for all pre-vacuum autoclaves.

The WI SCAN® electronic Bowie & Dick test will simplify controls, suppress the use of paper, optimise costs with the reader/software architecture of the existing WI SCAN® System to read and save electronic data.

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Product Details

Key Features:

  • Air or other NCG separation from Steam through the SAS ® (Steam Air Separator)
  • Air extraction and steam penetration algorithm
  • Horizontality of the detection chamber
  • Autoclave diagnostic tool: SECURITY MARGIN
  • Continuous re-use, reproductive results for 400 cycles*
  • Tested according to methods described in ISO 11140-4 and ISO 11140-5.


* The Manufacturer-Sterlab, provides annual probe recalibration and battery renewal allowing the device to be reused continuously year after year.



Package and Accessories:

  • WIBODI01 – Bowie & Dick Test
  • WISCAN01 – WI SCAN® Reader
  • WISOFT01 – WI SCAN® software
  • WICHAR01 – Charger for reader