Type 6 emulating indicator for steam sterilisation cycles from 121°C to 134°C

Product Details

The use of a Cycle Verification Indicator helps end-users to detect process failure by confirming that all of the predetermined cycle parameters have occurred at point of any placement in each tray, pack or pouch.

This is demonstrated through an easy to interpret colour change from purple to green.


Key Features:

  • Very high precision in terms of colour change in time
  • Constant reproducibility
  • High quality attested through numerous quality controls


Available Options:

Reference:Exposure Condition:Qty:
28635134°C 3.5 min / 121°C 15 min250
28035134°C 3.5 min / 121°C 15 min2000
28653134°C 5.3 min / 121°C 15 min250
28053134°C 5.3 min / 121°C 15 min2000
28607134°C 7 min / 121°C 20 min250
28007134°C 7 min / 121°C 20 min2000
28618134°C 18 min250
28018134°C 18 min2000