McGan MM513 Electrosurgical Insulation Defect Detector

McGan MM513 Electrosurgical Insulation Defect Detector

McGan Technology’s MM513 electrosurgical insulation defect detector is a battery operated unit that tests the integrity, such as pinholes, cracks or defects, of the insulation of electrosurgical instrument in order to prevent inadvertent tissue burns which may occur during electrosurgical instrument procedures.


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Product Details

Key Features:

  • Rechargeable
  • Lightweight portable unit
  • Reusable/interchangeable brush, ring or tri-hole electrode
  • Simple operation, easy to read LED indicators
  • Maintains applied test voltage with a constant current source
  • Full test current at low voltages
  • Limited output current for operational safety
  • LED displays alarm and battery charge


Package and Accessories:

Ground Wire

Tri-Hole ElectrodeBrush ElectrodeAC Charger

LSE Ring


Optional Accessories:

Bi-Polar Testing Kit

Wire Testing Unit