EuroTest Bowie and Dick Test-pack

EuroTest Bowie and Dick Test-pack

EuroTest® is a ready-to-use disposable Bowie & Dick test pack manufactured by Sterlab, France.


Product Details

Due to its compact design EuroTest® stands as a most cost effective Bowie & Dick test pack developed by cutting down extra costs of packaging and size while keeping the highest quality standards required by EN ISO 11140-4 Class 2 Norm.

EuroTest® is to be used to monitor the performance of vacuum steam sterilizers.

The test pack detects residual air and non-condensable gases (NCG) in the sterilizer chamber (due to air leaks, air removal failures or inadequate vacuum) or confirms an effective air removal and adequate steam penetration.


Key Features:

  • Easy to view and interpret graphics of the reactive ink sheet
  • High quality reactive ink
  • Constant sensitivity of the reactive ink from one batch to another
  • No reversibility in time of the reactive ink



Ref. 303 – EuroTest, Carton of 200 units (4 Boxes of 50 units)