EM 24/40 KCS Heat Sealer

EM 24/40 KCS Heat Sealer

Innovative Heat Sealers for Hospitals and Clinics, with unique “SERVABOX” technology, several connections possibilities, USB storage of Sealing logs, new user-friendly touchscreen, and pre-installed sealing settings. Additionally, the EM40KCS  has a built-in printer for 3 to 4 line printing of text, graphics or barcodes.

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Product Details

Key Features:

  • Compliant with ISO 11607-2 and EN 868-5
  • Innovative SerVa-Box for easy and cost-saving Maintenance & Validation
  • Touchscreen, computer connection and USB interface
  • 6 sealing pre-sets
  • Built-in printer for 3 to 4-line printing of text, graphics and barcodes*

*Only available with EM40KCS


Design Option:

  1. Standard: Brushed Stainless Steel with orange side panels
  2. Optional (at additional cost): Stainless Steel Carbon Black with matching side panels