EM 24/40 KCS Heat Sealer

Innovative Heat Sealers for Hospitals and Clinics, with unique “SERVABOX” technology, several connections possibilities, USB storage of Sealing logs, new user-friendly touchscreen, and pre-installed sealing settings. Additionally, the EM40KCS  has a built-in printer for 3 to 4 line printing of text, graphics or barcodes.

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Product Details

Key Features:

  • Compliant with ISO 11607-2 and EN 868-5
  • Innovative SerVa-Box for easy and cost-saving Maintenance & Validation
  • Touchscreen, computer connection and USB interface
  • 6 sealing pre-sets
  • Built-in printer for 3 to 4-line printing of text, graphics and barcodes*

*Only available with EM40KCS


Design Option:

  1. Standard: Brushed Stainless Steel with orange side panels
  2. Optional (at additional cost): Stainless Steel Carbon Black with matching side panels



Technical Specification

Conformity with Standards EM 24 KCS EM 40 KCS
DIN EN ISO 11607-2
DIN EN 868-5
DIN 58953-7
Electronic temperature control
Temperature monitoring
Temperature tolerance 1 % 1 %
Temperature range 0 – 200 °C 0 – 200 °C
Force monitoring
Seam and sealing speed
Sealing speed 10 m/min 10 m/min
Distance of the seam to the edge of pouch 5 – 30mm 5 – 30mm
Sealing speed adjustable
Monitoring of sealing speed
Width of the seam 12 mm 12 mm
Packaging materials
Material as per EN 868
Electric Data
Maximum power 800 W 800 W
Power consumption normal/standby 31 / 12 W 31 / 12 W
Current 230 / 115 V 230 / 115 V
Frequency 50 / 60 Hz 50 / 60 Hz
Width 560 mm 560 mm
Height 110 mm 110 mm
Depth 280 mm 280 mm
Height of sealing level above table 50 mm 50 mm
Weight 11,5 kg 11,5 kg
Printing unit 3-4 line
Printer switch off function
Adjustable printing width
Actualisation of fabrication date
Actualization of expiry date
Lot-Code (alpha-numberic)
Symbols as per EN 980
CE-Sign w/ following text
Printout of text
Order of printing data selectable
Printer cartridge changeable
Display and Keyboard
Display 7“  800×400 Pixel 7“  800×400 Pixel
Integrated languages
Clock and calendar function
Adjustable production counter
Number of storable text entries >10.000 >10.000
Password function
Documentation and interfaces
Computer interface USB/LAN USB/LAN
Connection to Doc. Systems
Service interval indicator
Standby function
Storage of parameters
Seal check printout
USB-Flash interface
Motor auto start-off
Heating time only 1 min
3 to 4 line print
Graphic- and Barcode print
Changeable service unit SerVa-Box SerVa-Box
Optional selectable design